Gestuet Chat

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Bred and owned by Gestüt Chat
Oe AV 1684
Grey mare, foaled on 18 02 1996
Measurements: 156/ 190 / 18,5, 4y.
Sire line: Venus, Shammar DB
Dam line: KA/ Bent el Arab DB
Junior Grand Prix Champion, Winner Western Pleasure, National Champion Pleasure Driving
2000 bay colt by Mezalians exp. Turkey successfull racer
2001 grey colt by Mezalians exp. Turkey
2002 grey colt by Lankawi eleminated
2003 flybitten grey by Desperado V (USA) sold in Austria as sire
2004 not bred
2005 chestnut filly by Dormane at the racetrack
2006 not bred
2007 not bred
2008 not bred
2009 bay colt by Etat at stud
2010 grey filly by Dormane at stud
EVITA is one of the outstanding daughters of brilliant sire CHALEF IBN MADOUR. (race record 1991, 10 starts, 2 x I, 1 x II, 2 x IV) World Championship Paris 3 place, best in Austria bred stallion, Junior Champion ARABICA intern, Sen. Champion ARABICA intern., Nat. & Intern. Junior Champion. CHALEF is sire of many show, race and performance Champions and winners. TIJANI Intern. Show Wels Gold Medaile, Race winner Warszawa, ELEGANZJA Intern Junior Champion ARABICA, LILIAN Austrian Natioanl Champion Pleasure Driving, Res. Nat Champion Dressage Driving, CHALEF IBN MADOUR repesents the one of the best egyption bloodlines used in Europe – Ghazal and Hadban Enzahi. CHALEFS sire MADOUR was Austrian National Champion, Intern. Champion, World Championship Paris 3.Place, sire of outstanding broodmares like his son CHALEF IBN MADOUR `s dam Chaisera Intern. Champion.. Damline of CHALEF IBN MADOUR was reimported from USA This Polish bloodlines were gone lost during the second world war and were brought over to USA and never where given back to Poland. The importand son of OFIR, WITEZ II is the Linefoundation sire
of this, for the Chat Stud very important lines. The blood of grandsire MANDAN lives tsill in his last son LEGAT out of LUNA.
Dam EMI a flybitten grey daughter of famous PROBAT. PROBAT – the proven sire, worthy his progenitor – great COMET, classic example of successful mating the Kuhailan and Saklavi lines represents the qualities of both these strains: strenght, solid fundament, perfect body, beauty, refinement and elegant movements. PROBAT leased to Polish Studs to reinforce the line of KUHAILAN AFAS. PROBAT represents the precious family of Babolnian mare BULWA by Kuhailan Zaid d.b., the family wich produced so many Champions and individuals of great merit i.e: BOLTONKA, BUFA, BUSZMEN, FAWOR, ALGERIA, ALOES, ALGOMEJ, ALGIERCZYK (Canadian National Champion, US Nat. Champion, World Champion etc.)
imported from famous Blommeröd Stud Sweden, is linebred to Excelsjor a very important sire from Janow Podlaski.
EVITA herself was outstanding in her performance in Sport and in Show as well. Foal Champion, Intern.Junior Grand Prix Champion, Intern Liberty Champion. A broodmatron with great stamina and very powerfull movement and feminine elegant look. ERMISLI & EMERALD exported to Turkey, ESCONDIDO sold as sire in Austria, filly ELEA at the race track. Etzel bay colt and ELENA grey filly at stud.
Madkour I Hadban Enzahi
Moheba II
Shiwa Ghazal Shari I
Mandan Sinaway - Witez II
Easter Belle – Witez II
Chichenitza Sinaway
Verzay Witez II
Pohaniec Comet – Abu Afas / Carmen
Planeta - Nabor
PROBAT - Blommeröd
Borexia Excelsior - Aquinor / Eleonora
EMI / Sweden Blommeröd
Excelsjor Aqinor Naseem / Taraszcza
Eleonora Witraz / Zmora
Cela Pietuszok Priboj / Taktika
Celia Witraz / Balia

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