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Saint Laurent












Mandarine III




Chalef Ibn Madour











Bred and owned by Gestüt Chat
Oe AV 3282
Grey stallion, foaled on 19 03 2005
Measurements: 154,5 / 172,5 / 19
Sire line: Merjane DB1866
Dam line: Murana I DB 1808

Warszawa 2008 & 2009

5.07.08 Probna 13.125 zl ( 7500) 1´56" 1600m 1.Platz (9) Piatkowski
17.08.08 Amuratha Kat B 14.000 zl (400) 2´10,9" 1800m 5.Platz (10) Gajos
06.09.08 Baska Kat. B 14.000zl (3200) 2 22,5 2000m 2.Platz (5) Ochocki
28.09.08 Bialki Kat.A 43 750 zl (1250) 2´22" 2000m 5.Platz (7) Ochocki
23.11.08 Piechura Kat.B 14.000 zl (3.200) 2´32,9" 2000m 2-Platz (6) Ochocki
10 cm Snow & storm!

5 (1 - 2 - 0 - 0 - 2) Total 15.550,-- zl


26.04.09 Cometa Kat B 15.785zl (385) 2´19,4"(4+) 2000m 5.Platz (6) 56kg Turgaev
23.05.09 El Paso Kat B 9.635zl (705) 2'55,7".(4+) 2400m 4.Platz (8) 59kg Piatkowski
14.06.09 Gr II 6.232 zl(3.040) 2'07,2" (4+) 1800m 1.Platz (10) 61kg Piatkowski
30.08.09 Gr I Emaela 9635zl (1410) 2'05,4" (4+) 1800m 3.Platz (6) 59kg P.Piatkowski
10.10.09 Gr I Hcp Embargo 9635zl (705) 3'08,5" (4+) 2600m 4.Platz (7) 62kg P.Piatkowski

5(1-0-1-2-1) Total 6.245,-- zl


Sire: Sire DORMANE the most famouse racehorse sire in the world. Owend by the French State Studs. 6 victories including Dubai Stakes at Kempton Park, Coup du Cheval Arabe at Toulous, Criterium des 3 ans a Tabres.
DORMANE sire of famous : Chaik Man, Noreen, Chndaka, Darike, Rogheda, Dalina des Fabries, Dorwan du Cayrou, Passem Lotois, Verdoyante, Djezika, Magic de Piboul, Nez d'Or, Bopp Moon, Kaolino, Al Moutawakel, Dariya, Elea, Waikiki, Valerie,
DORMANE offsprings are the leaders at the auctions (Paris 1.Oct.2009 two year old filly Djeldora was sold for 145.000,--€)
Dam: TIJANI very typefull broodmare. Successfull in Shows and in Races.
Maternal sister to spectacular racer TURAN (REMO) sold to Turkey 2/18( 7 -4 -3 - 2) 194.325.000.000 Lira (app.€ 100.000 )prizemoney, 2003 & 2004.
2000 Austrian National Championship Top Five (83,33)
Elegant mare ,very good mover very good broodmare like her mother.
TRADYCJA full sister, very successfull in Sport: Austrian Champion Pleasure Driving, 2000 and 2001 broodmare in Austria.
Dam sire: CHALEF IBN MADOUR. (race record 1991, 10 starts, 2 x I, 1 x II, 2 x IV) World Championship Paris 3 place, best in Austria bred stallion, Junior Champion ARABICA intern, Sen. Champion ARABICA intern., Nat. & Intern. Junior Champion. CHALEF is sire of many show, race and performance Champions and winners. TIJANI Intern. Show Wels Gold Medal, Race winner Warszawa, ELEGANZJA Intern Junior Champion ARABICA, LILIAN Austrian National Champion Pleasure Driving, Res. Nat Champion Dressage Driving, CHALEF IBN MADOUR repesents the best egyption bloodlines used in Europe - Ghazal and Hadban Enzahi. CHALEF'S sire MADOUR was Austrian National Champion, Intern. Champion, World Championship Paris 3.Place, sire of outstanding broodmares and sires. Like his son CHALEF IBN MADOUR`s dam Chaisera Intern. Champion. Damline of CHALEF IBN MADOUR was reimported from USA This Polish bloodlines were gone lost during the second world war and were brought over to USA and never where given back to Poland. The important son of OFIR, WITEZ II is the Linefoundation sire of this, for the Chat Stud very important lines.
2.dam: TRZOSKA by famous racer (triple crown winner) and Res. European Champion TRZOS.
Very successfull broadmare in our stud. Offsprings exported to UK, GER, Turkey and Austria. Champion at shows, Nat. Champion best broodmare with family. TARASZCZA Show winner, TOKARSKA Nat. Champ, Intern. Winner Babolna UK. TURAN famous racer in Turkey &TOMANI exported to Turkey, TOFRA UK. TIWIRIADA GER.

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